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Admissions at Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity School of Medicine’s approach to admissions is holistic. We focus on the bigger picture of an applicant’s life. The trajectory of their academic performance, additional experience in healthcare or research, even challenges they’ve overcome in pursuit of their goals — all of these are seriously considered before we reach an admissions decision.

Trinity’s requirements for admission consist of three main components: undergraduate credit hours, prerequisite courses, and completion of the MCAT.


At Trinity, we consider the comprehensive story of every qualified applicant. This means an applicant’s previous education, interview, past experience, along with other technical standards are considered in conjunction with his or her MCAT score, which is why we do not set minimum scores.

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Our rolling admission process spans the entire year to accommodate both our diverse applicant pool and our three start dates (January, May, and September). Our admissions committee prioritizes reviewing applicants quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently, so decisions can be made within a few days of a completed submission.


The process begins by completing the Trinity School of Medicine Application for Admission using the online portal. You may also submit a current AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS or OMSAS application report as a PDF for immediate consideration. If your AMCAS report has not been processed, please submit your transcripts. Shortly after your references are received and the admission interview has concluded, you will receive a decision.

The cost of medical school tuition is a significant financial investment and financing your education is an important part of your decision-making process. Along with offering scholarships and grants, Trinity also maintains relationships with multiple private student loan providers. Additionally, the Sallie Mae Medical School Loan Program is an excellent way to finance your medical education. Through the extended grace period and zero origination fees, Sallie Mae saves borrowers $16,000 at the start of repayment, compared to the federal option.



Take the Next Step Towards Earning Your Medical Degree

There are some elements every medical school requires when applying:

  • Your MCAT score
  • Official transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • An application fee


Once your initial application is submitted, you will be contacted almost immediately to confirm receipt of your application and our admissions counselors will guide you through next steps. This is usually the interview.


Unlike other medical schools, we put the admissions interview at the beginning of the application process, not the end. The admissions interview is your opportunity to tell us your story. We want to hear about your interests, background, goals, and anything else you’d like to share for us to know you better.


Once all of your materials have been submitted and your interview is complete, your file will be sent to the admissions committee. After a quick and thorough review of your file, the committee will reach a decision and you will hear from us in about one week.


Upon acceptance, the admissions counselors will help you prepare for the transition to campus in St. Vincent. In most cases, you’ll see them in person when you arrive on the island to help you settle in.


Starting as early as the admissions process, Trinity is focused on building personal relationships that support you on your journey to practicing medicine.


Start your application now!


Are you currently enrolled in medical school but looking for something different? Completing your degree with us in St. Vincent could be your solution.  


While Trinity School of Medicine does not actively recruit students to transfer, we do accept transfer applications on a case-by-case basis depending on certain criteria.

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