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Submitting Your Application for Admission

Complete the Trinity School of Medicine Application for Admission using the online portal. You may submit a current AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS or OMSAS application report as a PDF for immediate consideration. If your AMCAS report has not been processed, please submit your transcripts (student copies are acceptable to initiate the process).


The Medical School Admissions Process

Trinity School of Medicine has an admissions committee comprised of faculty members representing the basic and clinical sciences, chaired by the Associate Dean of Admissions. Completed applications, along with the interview evaluation, are sent to the committee for review and consideration. Rolling admissions enables applicants to receive a decision within days of submitting their completed application. After acceptance, applicants have approximately 21 days to secure their seat with a tuition commitment deposit of $500.  Link to MD admission requirements.

Medical School Application Deadlines

Trinity School of Medicine offers three program entry points each year: January, May, and September. We utilize a rolling admissions process to give every applicant an evaluation based on their individual merits. We encourage applicants to submit all materials for consideration 2 to 3 months prior to the desired start date. Within about a week of submitting your completed application, you can expect to receive notification from the admissions office regarding scheduling an interview.


Admission Interviews

Trinity offers admission interviews to qualified applicants who have submitted their application materials and meet our standards for interview eligibility. Admission interviews are offered both in-person and online. Applicants may interview at any of Trinity’s Admissions Offices in the U.S. or St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

To learn more about our unique approach to admission interviews or to check for opportunities to interview closer to home, contact the Trinity Admissions Department today.

The Trinity Medical School Interview Process

We do things differently at Trinity. Here’s how.


We place our applicant interviews at the beginning of the admissions process, rather than at the end. This enables our applicants to demonstrate their personal strengths and how it balances with their academic and extracurricular experience. It lets you tell us your story as a complete candidate, because we know you are more than just scores and grades.


We recognize that many people across the U.S. and Canada who would make wonderful physicians may not have the time or resources to travel for an interview. Because of this, we conduct online interviews and we send our team to cities across the U.S. to provide you with an opportunity to be heard.


The interview provides an opportunity for you to ask questions and gauge the fit between your goals and objectives and the learning environment and approach at Trinity. We're looking for potential. We find students who have been overlooked, whose drive and determination to become doctors is unwavering, and give them the chance they need to achieve their goal.

References and Recommendation Letters

Guidelines on Letters of Recommendation

When selecting your references, it is important that your letter writers have strong comments to support your desire and ability to attend medical school and, ultimately, become a physician. While someone may be highly credentialed and respected in their field, if they do not know you as an individual, they are not your best choice. Identify and utilize references who can speak to your unique characteristics and strengths.

Trinity School of Medicine requires two individual letters of recommendation or one committee letter from your pre-health advising office.


Letters of recommendation may be sent to the Admissions Office via VirtualsEvals.com or Interfolio.com. Letter writers may also submit their material via direct email, providing that the letter is sent from the writer’s institutional email account. Letters sent from personal email accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, will not be accepted.

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