What Are The 5 Most Popular Fields of Medicine?

Have you ever wondered what the most popular fields of medicine are? It’s hard to know since there are so many medical fields! There are dozens of medical specialties from which new medical school graduates can choose. From abdominal radiology to vascular surgery, the Association of American Medical Colleges lists more than 120 specialties and subspecialties. What draws each doctor to their specialty varies, but some common considerations are: type of patients, work-life balance, demand for the specialty, and average salary. Below are some of the top specialties of 2020 based on those needs.






General Practice / Family Medicine


General practice offers many opportunities that other specialties can’t match. First, general practitioners and family doctors get to know their patients. They not only treat them for injuries and illness, but they provide overall wellness and preventative care.


Don’t mistake “general” for “boring.” General medicine is set to see exciting changes in the near future. Wearable technology and other technological innovations will help family doctors be more effective than ever. The rise in telemedicine also provides new opportunities for up-and-coming doctors.


Finally, family doctors and general practitioners are in high demand. Beckers Hospital Review rates it as the most in-demand specialty for new graduates. The need for these doctors may continue to grow as rural areas experience physician shortages.


Orthopedic Surgery


Orthopedic surgery is often described as one of the most rewarding specialties. They have the ability to change lives by relieving pain from arthritis, returning mobility to patients after hip and knee surgery and the ability to help  young people return to the sports they love by addressing ligament injuries.


In addition, these surgeons focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Some orthopedics are considered generalists, however, there are others who specialize in particular areas of the body. Many orthopedic surgeons say patient satisfaction and the ability to bring back normalcy to their lives is what keeps them going.




As the stigma surrounding mental health treatment begins to fall away in many communities, people are starting to seek care from both counselors and psychiatrists. As such, psychiatry consistently ranks high on lists of in-demand physician specialties. In fact, the lack of mental health care in many communities is considered a public health crisis. As such, there are likely psychiatry openings anywhere you want to live.


Of course, all doctors make differences in the lives of their patients. However, psychiatrists often get to see the amazing progress in their patients. When patients come in for medication monitoring and checkups, they may be visibly better. This makes psychiatry an especially rewarding career for doctors who want to see the results of their hard work.




Nearly half of all adults in the United States live with some kind of cardiovascular disease. Canadians face similar issues with heart disease, as it is the 2nd-biggest killer in the country. With epidemics like this, it’s no wonder why skilled cardiologists are in high-demand.


Cardiology also offers significant financial rewards. Non-invasive cardiologists are set to make an average of $447,143 in 2020 while invasive cardiologists can expect an average salary of $461,364. While these salaries vary depending on where doctors practice, there’s no doubt that cardiologists are some of the highest-paid doctors.




Like other specialties on this list, the lack of OB/GYN providers has created a public health crisis in some areas of the United States and beyond. Nearly half of all counties in the United States do not have a single OB/GYN physician, and 56 percent do not have midwives. The demand for OB/GYN doctors is undeniable.


The nature of this specialty also draws many people in. OB/GYN practitioners often get to know their patients over time. They also see the joy that medicine can bring into the world on a regular basis. On the other side, they witness deep sadness as well. This specialty is well-suited for graduates who are particularly interested in the human side of medicine.


Who knows what the most popular fields of medicine will be in ten years! Whether you have a specialty in mind or you just know that you want to practice medicine, Trinity School of Medicine can help. Contact us today or submit an application to start on your journey.

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