A Year in Service, with Another to Come

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With 2015 drawing to a close and 2016 making its grand entrance, we’d like to celebrate the new year with a brief recap of just some of the work our students have done for the people of St. Vincent.

Children Meet the StudentsTrinity Presents Check to Kourageous Kids FoundationTrinity Students Wrap up a Day of Service at Children's Home

First, what you have to know about Trinity School of Medicine is, all of this is in addition to a full load of medical coursework. These students have each, some through school sponsored events, and some through their own initiative, engaged with the spirit of their future as physicians by putting more good out there in the world. One further, many to most of them are also sharpening bedside manner, minor clinical skills, administrative and organizational acumen, and networking with visiting experts.

The following list respresents well over 1,000 patients seen by affiliated NGO services, 1,000 lives touched, 1,000 people who are better today than they were before they met our students.

WPP offers Specific Instruction and Network Opportunities for Trinity Students

Trinity Students Participate in Orthopedic Outreach for WPP

Trinity Students Assist in Neurosurgical Outreach for WPP

Trinity Students Assist Rotary Village Doctor Exercise

Trinity AMSA Chapter Visit to Children’s Home

Trinity Student Support for Children’s Home, Special Olympian

Trinity’s Society of Medicine and Surgery Assist “Kourageous Kidz” Foundation

Trinity’s SMS Hosts Second Event to Support “Kourageous Kidz” Foundation

Trinity Students Once Again Assist Visiting WPP Physicians

Trinity School of Medicine Students Partner with Local Medical Organization to Host Charity 5k

This isn’t even a comprehensive list. There’s so much, we can’t keep up. The WPP actually does nine annual missions. The Village Doctor holds several exercises throughout the year. SMS and AMSA, and so many of our other student organizations are pathologically incapable of holding still.

With nagging fears of physician shortages, of a reduction in patient contact, of a fluctuating healthcare system with an unsteady future standard of care all dominating the media landscape, we can say unequivocally: If our students represent the next wave of doctors?

The world is in good shape.

Happy New Year from Trinity School of Medicine.

Children watch Students Triage PatientsOne of Trinity's Graduating CouplesWhite Coat Ceremony for Fall 2015Visiting WPP Neurosurgeon demonstrates technique

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