Can We Buy You a Cup of Coffee?

Trinity School of Medicine is, as always, dedicated to reaching out to qualified students, wherever they may be. We’ve scheduled a tour across Canada and the US, sending our admissions directors to connect with prospective students and provide what they need to take the next steps towards their futures in medicine.


So many of our best students find themselves overlooked by the US and Canada systems. To address this, we do interviews differently. We put them at the beginning of the admissions process, not the end. This way, applicants can give us their story, they can contextualize their test scores and grades and give us a better view of the bigger picture of their life thus far and their potential as physicians.

Meet and Greets

These are new. Sometimes students are interested in learning more about Trinity School of Medicine, but our early interviews balk them, because they’re used to the high pressure US med school application process. To address this, we’ve established our Meet & Greets. We want to buy you and your collegues a cup of coffee and give you a more casual opportunity to gather the information you need in a relaxed, group setting.

Graduate Fairs


As always, we will be attending a wide variety of graduate fairs across the US and Canada, giving you a third option to meet up with us and learn why Trinity School of Medicine is the best kept secret in international medicine.


Where We’ll Be, What We’re Offering

See below for our chart of what we’ll be offering in which city. As you may have guessed from the above descriptions,   denotes a graduate fair,  indicates a meet and greet, and a  means we have an interview date scheduled for that location. Once you’ve determined what we’re doing in your city, click here (interviews and/or meet and greets) to register for your desired event. Interviews, Meet and Greets. No registration is necessary to visit us at a grad fair, but if you want to let us know you’re coming, we’re happy to prepare to address any specific questions you may have.


 ⛾   Atlanta, GA

 ⛾   Baltimore, MD

        Harrisonburg, VA

 ⛾    Richmond, VA

            Charlottesville, VA

 ⛾    Raleigh, NC

 ⛾    New Orleans, LA


 ⛾    Pittsburgh, PA

 ⛾    Philadelphia, PA

 ⛾    Toronto, ON


         Chicago, IL


         Dallas, TX

         Austin, TX

 ⛾    Phoenix, AZ


 ⛾    Denver, CO

 ⛾    Fort Collins, CO

       Provo, UT

        Salt Lake City, UT

             San Francisco, CA

             Sacramento, CA

 ⛾    San Diego, CA

 ⛾    Los Angeles, CA

         Riverside, CA


Wherever you may be starting, Trinity School of Medicine is dedicated to finding you and helping you get where you want to go. Whether that starts with a cup of coffee, a chance conversation at a graduate fair, or a formal interview, we’re ready to equip you with the tools you need to make the best choice regarding your future in medicine.

Becoming a doctor is your mission, and helping you achieve that is our purpose.

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