April Fifth Term Ceremony Sends Trinity Coterie off to Clerkship Rotations in Baltimore.

Caribbean medical school students at Clerkship rotations

Last week, Trinity School of Medicine held its fifth term ceremony for its students leaving St. Vincent for their clerkships in Baltimore, MD. While the event is overseen by the school, it is very much a student-driven ceremony, including student speakers, student-bestowed awards, and highlights of individual and group accomplishments during basic sciences. The students bid farewell in the presence of faculty, staff, colleagues, and friends that had all become family during their five terms together on campus.

Student speaker John Duke (picture left) was introduced to the podium by colleague Jacob Pletz. John’s speech, a mix of lighthearted banter and heartfelt advice, covered the pragmatic nature of hard work in medical school, where to apply it, when to rest, and how to bring your best days to bear on the school’s biggest challenges. At the same time, he extolled adaptability, noting that as physicians, they will very rarely dictate the pace created by the needs of their patients.

Trinity’s dean, Dr. Linda Adkison, spoke on the group of students as a whole, noting with pride, “You’ve set records and you’ve done great things. Your WPP experiences have been better than any of the other terms before you. You have already achieved major academic goals.”

Finally, before awards were presented, student-elected faculty speaker Dr. Ranjan Solanki, unable to attend, had a message to the transitioning students read by one of their own.

Dr. Solanki highlighted the joy of reaching the fifth term milestone and also mentioned the sadness of leaving the island.  “We’re here to bid farewell to our students who are leaving the school after the successful completion of their fifth term,” the message read, “Dear students, I told you many times that you have the potential to achieve whatever you decide to conquer. You carry immense possibilities within you and I ensure that one day you will shine like stars in the field of medical sciences. This way, you will be remembered and attribute it to the way you honored yourselves and the school.”  The professor expressed profound pride in the way in which the students conducted themselves during their time at the St. Vincent campus, as well as their preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead. Dr. Solanki echoed a sentiment introduced by Dr. Adkison, stating that if they keep on striving for excellence and beyond; their sincerity, effort, knowledge, wisdom, and honesty would have them reach the heights they sought.

With that concluded, the Spring 2018 faculty and student awards were presented.

Faculty Bestowed Awards

White Coat Award – Daniel Khashchuk

Future Physician Award – Garret Cole

Top COMP Performance – Garret Cole

Top Basic Science Performance- Garret Cole

Student Bestowed Awards

Best Professor (Pre-Med) – Dr. Eric Audain

Best Professor (Term 1 and 2) – Dr. Lina Diaz

Best Professor (Term 3 and 4) – Dr. Ranjan Solanki

Best Professor (Term 5) – Dr. Migonette Sotto

Most Helpful Support Staff – Mr. Rohan James

Term Five Student Choice Award – John Duke

Best Driver – Mr. Michael Cadougan

Best Security Officer – Mr. Wendell Diamond and Mr. Neverson Harris

Best Housekeeper – Ms. Rosa Richards

The departing students then rose, clad in their short white coats, pinned with the seal of Trinity School of Medicine, and joined in a final reception marking their departure.

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