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Cole Ettingoff Clinical

Student Spotlight: Cole Ettingoff

Have you ever met someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes medicine? Meet Cole Ettingoff, a current third-year medical student at Trinity School of Medicine who is beyond passionate about emergency medicine and the role it plays in our communities.

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Gregory Proctor posing by a medic helicopter

Student Spotlight: Gregory Proctor

At Trinity, we believe that each student has an inspiring story of what drives them to pursue medicine, but for student Gregory Proctor, this is an understatement. A native of Washington D.C., Gregory’s enthusiasm for helping others started when he was only five years old. He had a “Bring Your Father to School Day” event

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Richard Todd and faculty member

Student Spotlight: Richard Todd

Most doctors and medical students will tell you that they always dreamed of becoming a physician. But before becoming a Trinity student, Richard Todd had to follow a path that doesn’t usually lead to success. A native of Clearwater, Florida, Richard shared that as a young man he never thought college would be an option.

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Mike Aycock

Student Spotlight: Dr. Michael Aycock

When asking medical students why they want to be doctors, the majority of them say it’s been a lifelong dream. But Trinity student Mike Aycock was on a different path when he was unexpectedly led to pursue an MD. After having surgery on his vocal cords (made necessary by a long career as a high

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Heather Dill

Student Spotlight – Heather Dill

There’s no doubt that each medical student has their own story. For Heather Dill, growing up in an unorthodox setting helped mold her ideas and views as a young child. Overcoming obstacles and moving around hurdles, have built an amazing set of character strengths for this future medical doctor. Heather’s story reflects how Trinity seeks

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