Ten years ago, Trinity School of Medicine opened its doors and welcomed its small charter class. Those students are now alums, practicing as fellows and attendings, and changing lives across the US and Canada. This week, with the close of 2018 and our decade anniversary, we look back on what makes Trinity such a good option for so many students and celebrate the coming of the next ten years. 


Continued Dedication to Transparency and Embracing Complexity

This year, we celebrated complicated topics addressed with unprecedented transparency among medical schools.


Whether that was discussing the juxtaposition of Canada’s physician shortage and paradoxical limitation on medical schools: A Canadian without a Country: Canada’s medical school system forces qualified students abroad, but what comes next?


How schools have been their less-than-best selves in the past and how Trinity has changed all of that: Addressing the Ugly Truth about Caribbean Medical Schools: Why They’re Not All the Same.


Helping students make informed choices right now: Is a Caribbean Medical School a Good Choice for a Career in Medicine?


Or in the near future: Trinity, Transfers, and the Changing Face of International Medical Schools and The 2020 Accreditation and Match Merge: DO, MD, and Good News for Trinity Grads, we sought to respect the complexity of the topics and the intelligence of our readers.

Our Students, Past, Present, and Future

As always, and most of all, we looked at our students. We documented their successes, their new goals, and their accomplishments during medical school and beyond. Whether that was sitting down with our alums and finding out where their education had taken them: Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Young and Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Gabriel Labbad, or looking at learning and doing good work on St. Vincent right now, with Trinity Students Join St. Vincent Rotary for Village Doctor Exercise. Or celebrating this year’s group: Congratulations to the Class of 2018! and Trinity School of Medicine 2018 Match Results: New States, New Specialties, New Records, we were there, excited and ready to show the world what our students had done.


We’re very excited for how this year has gone for our students and everything they’ve done. And we could not be more ready for 2019 to set a new bar in both student success and what a school can and should do for those students to help them achieve. 

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