Road Map to Medical School

Road Map to Med School

If you’re working towards medical school, you know the road to admissions is a long one and one you have to start on early. To make the journey a little easier, we’ve made a guide to help you navigate through the prep years.

High School

Focus: Build strong study habits and an impressive resume and transcript for your undergrad application.

Undergrad – Year One

Focus: Set out on the right track, identify goals, and establish important connections.

Undergrad – Year Two

Focus: Build your resume and prepare for admissions tests and other requirements.

Undergrad – Year Three – Fall Semester

Focus: Prepare for the MCAT and gather application materials.

Undergrad – Year Three – Spring Semester

Focus: Take the MCAT and put finishing touches on application and supplemental material.

Undergrad – Year Four

Focus: Continue to maintain competitive academics and extracurricular activities while navigating incoming admissions decisions.

Even if you follow this guide and are a truly competitive applicant, it’s important to know there is a strong possibility that you will not be accepted to any U.S. medical school. Admission to medical schools in the United States and Canada continues to be extremely competitive with only about 40% gaining acceptance.

Some applicants who are not accepted may decide to take a gap year and apply again later or even abandon their dream of becoming a doctor altogether. But the best alternative to this situation is often attending an off-shore medical school.

While some Caribbean medical schools perpetuate the stigma of delivering a sub-par education, Trinity School of Medicine exists as an alternative that you can trust to guide you to success in becoming an MD. Trinity offers a fully-accredited education, small class sizes, accessible and knowledgeable faculty, low tuition cost, and the ability to practice anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

Find out more about what makes Trinity different by contacting us today.

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