Trinity AMSA Chapter Visit to Children’s Home

Trinity medical school student playing on a playground with children

As the past few weeks have demonstrated, Trinity School of Medicine has an active, engaged student body. While their studies require a lot of their energy and focus, this drive is also exercised through a number of student organizations. Most recently, the Trinity chapter of AMSA (American Medical Students Association) made a service trip to the St. Benedict Day Nursery and Children’s Home.


The trip’s goals were twofold: to drop off donations and to spend the day assisting in childcare and generally visiting with the residents and staff.

AMSA’s relationship with the children’s home has been established for some time, but this recent visit has reinvigorated the group’s desire to contribute. AMSA Trinity’s president Ben Daggett has said there are future plans to further develop the playground overhaul, building on the recent MSA efforts.

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Daggett added the following for future students, “I understand that you are here to become doctors, and it is stressful and time consuming, but do not allow that to stop you from getting involved and giving back to the island.” He continued, “AMSA and many other student organizations have tons of opportunities for you to help those around you. Jump in. . . [follow] the call of doing good. It is part of your education in becoming a doctor.”

Trinity School of Medicine president Steven R. Wilson added, “This is no surprise to myself nor Dr. Skelton. The drive to give back is, of course, part of our evaluation and recruiting process. Simply stated, we’ve found that it’s a major contributor to success in medicine.” He went on, “Medical school is a tremendous undertaking, so despite us expecting this sort of mindset, we’re still impressed with our students responsibly balancing their personal academic excellence with charity and service work.”

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