Trinity Announces Medical School Interview Regional Schedule

2016 inteviews map

Upcoming Admissions Interview Dates & Locations (Updated 10/29)

Baltimore, MD
November 3
Long Island, NY
November 5
Orange County, CA
November 10
Jacksonville, FL
November 20
Vancouver, BC
Edmonton, AB
December 8
Winnipeg, MB
December 9

If there isn’t an interview scheduled in your area, click the
and fill out the (top left) form to contact admissions and request alternate options.

Update: The October 2nd Chicago interview date has filled up. An additional slot has been added for the 29th of October.

Medical school interviews are a major component of the admissions process and should be considered a significant milestone by prospective students. Excellent doctors are individuals with compassion, drive, and the desire to make a difference. Characteristics like these are difficult to assess from grade point averages and MCAT scores alone. At Trinity, we endeavor to personally meet with as many qualified individuals as possible as part of our holistic approach to admissions. To facilitate this, we send admissions team leaders to cities across the U.S. and Canada to meet one-on-one with prospective students, in person and close to home (or school).

By completing an interview request, you are signaling your interest in meeting with our team to discuss your candidacy for our MD program. Interviews enable students to demonstrate their personal strengths and how it balances with their academic and extracurricular experience. It’s a remarkable opportunity for both sides to ask questions and gauge the fit between the goals and objectives of the interviewee and the learning environment and approach at Trinity.

Trinity is an institution dedicated to its culture of welcome and support. Should you be chosen to take part, bring your best self, but also come armed with the confidence and comfort of knowing that the admissions team has the same interest in your future success that you carry to the meeting, and they want nothing more than to see you become a great doctor and proud Trinity alum.

With that, click here to see the regional interview schedule for 2016 candidates.

Note: Candidates are only considered for interviews if they have submitted all preliminary application material.

This includes application documents from AMCAS, AACOMAS, OMSAS, TMDSAS, or Trinity’s online application; MCAT scores; transcripts; letters of recommendation; and the application fee. If there are any questions about any of these, do not hesitate to contact the Trinity administration at



We look forward to meeting you!

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