Trinity Announces September 2018 Chancellor’s Scholarship Recipient

Vincent Shieh headshot

Trinity School of Medicine is proud to announce first term student Vincent Shieh as this year’s Chancellor’s Scholarship recipient. The Chancellor’s Scholarship is a merit based award open to select recipients of Trinity’s Physician, Dean, and President awards.
In winning, Vincent is awarded $50,000 disbursed evenly over the ten terms of study. In total, this one scholarship covers nearly 40% of Mr. Shieh’s four-year tuition.

We spoke briefly with Mr. Shieh and are proud to share the perspective of this future physician studying at Trinity. We have also included, at the behest of the administration and with Vincent’s permission, the paper he submitted to the award committee.

Vincent grew up in New York, Manhattan and the Bronx. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in biological sciences.

In his own words, Trinity is, “‘outside the box’ in terms of medical schools. By leaving the states to attend school on St. Vincent [and later back to Balitmore], I believe that I can better define my purpose and goal for the medical profession with a greater understanding of public health.”

He continues, “I have been stuck in the concrete jungles of New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC for most of my life. Diversity is always preached in these relatively international cities, but I want to approach medicine from a more global perspective and experience the world for myself. My ethics are driven by multiculturalism, disparate world-views, and pluralism. Trinity is a chance to explore these first-hand. I committed to beginning my medical career at Trinity because the unique academic and clinical environment presents a singular opportunity to prepare myself to be the professional, versatile physician I strive to be for my patients and community.”

Vincent (second from the left) with colleagues at his white coat ceremony earlier this month.

As mentioned, the Chancellor’s Scholarship is a merit award given to one person of the winners of that year’s Physician, Dean, and President’s awards (each worth $20,000, $25,000, or $30,000, depending on their initial scholarship). Prospective applicants must enter Trinity with a GPA of 3.2 or higher and must submit a three-page paper, the topic of which is decided by the faculty review committee. After the student papers are reviewed, a determination for the award of the scholarship is made by the committee.  Vincent’s essay, “The Role of Ethics in Becoming a Professional Medical Student,” is available to read here [PDF warning].

Vincent is the sixth recipient of this scholarship award since its inception.

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