Trinity Students Participate in an Active Shooter Disaster Simulation Event

Disaster Sim Event

Trinity is committed to preparing medical students to become life-saving physicians, ready to serve wherever and whenever their community is in need.

Gaining real-world experience is an essential part of becoming a highly-skilled physician and Trinity is proud to offer students in terms 5-10 the valuable opportunity to participate in disaster simulation drill events. This joint event was produced through a multi-agency partnership with Trinity, the Medical Association of Georgia Medical Reserve Corps, Central Georgia Technical College, Warner Robins first responders, and other regional emergency response personnel, to create a joint field training exercise designed to simulate a real-world, on-campus, active shooter incident. Hear from some of the event’s participants and get their first-hand perspective on how simulations like this prepare first responders and medical students to react to emergency situations quickly and effectively.

By participating in this event alongside law enforcement, physicians, surgeons, nursing students, and first responders, Trinity students gain valuable knowledge and experience that helps them stand out when applying to their top residency programs.

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