Trinity’s 5th Term Students Sent off with with Heartfelt Congratulations

Mr. Marcus Caine at the podium

On August 18th, thirty-two students participated in the Fifth Term Clinician Ceremony, marking a significant milestone in their medical education. The ceremony marks the transition from basic sciences in the first two years of the MD program, to the beginning of M3 clinical rotations.

   Trinity m3 students attend ceremony    Trinity 5th term students look on during awards

Trinity’s Marcus Caine welcomed students and their families, emphasizing the importance of transitions throughout life. He explained that every entrance to something new is preceded by an exit of the old, and that exits are preparatory, signaling change, allowing people to enter the next phase fresh and ready.

Marcus Caine guides students to the futureStudent Allison Ward-Laffoon delivered a moving 5th term address. She framed her speech around how following her dream enhanced her own sense of empathy and concern of others, which eventually became the driving force that led her to Trinity.

“Follow your dreams,” she adamantly announced, “Never let statistics define you!” She went on to describe Trinity as the window to follow her dreams. “It would have been easy to settle for something less,” she continued, “we were told time and time again that we couldn’t do it. I always say that it takes one ‘yes.’ I thank Trinity for being that ‘yes’!” She closed by extolling the benefits of hard work at Trinity changing her academic trajectory and, she felt, her future.  
Drs. Nedd and Jack with Allison Ward-Laffoon
Dr. Andreas Reymann was selected by the students to deliver the faculty address, an honor he humbly accepted. His time at the podium was more lighthearted, underscoring the importance of common sense through work/life balance, empathy, patience, and always relying on the strengths of evidence-based medicine.  

After each student received their Trinity pin, the Fifth Term Academic Awards were distributed. Sarah Seyffert received two awards: Best Basic Science Award and Best NBME Comp. The Future Physician Award went to Paul Cartwright, while Gianna Guzzardo received the White Coat Award.

 The enthusiasm Trinity’s students shared for their colleague’s success was once again apparent, as sincere applause and kind words were exchanged with each award. 

  Dr. Andreas Reymann and Sarah Seyffert with her two awards    Gianna Guzzardo receives her award

The Student Government Awards were as follows: Best 5th Term Student – Allison Ward-Laffoon; Best Support Staff – Noelle Knight and Samara London; Best Pre-Med Professor – Dr. Naga Dharshan Devendra; Best Term 1-2 Professor – Dr. Iuiliia Zhuravlova; Best Term 3-4 Professor – Dr. Andreas Reymann; and Best Term 5 Professor – Dr. Gilles Lauzon. It was an afternoon well spent, and student Roniff Richards, in his closing remarks, made sure to congratulate his colleagues and wished all great success.

Trinity 5th term students stand for photo

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