TSOM and WPP Partner to Deliver a Life of Healing to More Children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Group of Trinity Med Students and WPP Partners

Trinity medical students will have expanded opportunities to join WPP medical teams to help children receiving care.

Trinity School of Medicine and World Pediatric Project announced the launch of a new partnership to help fund greater outreach to the children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines while providing medical students hands-on opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge in assisting in the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of children receiving care.

Since its founding in 2001, WPP has mobilized $160 million to serve more than 14,000 children in Central America and the Caribbean, including 136 surgical and diagnostic teams that have traveled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to work with local medical facilities to treat 3,113 children.


The formalized partnership between WPP and Trinity School of Medicine (TSOM) and its philanthropic campus is a natural alignment of their shared visions to reach and heal children who most need care. Through the years, TSOM students have observed WPP medical teams, and TSOM students and faculty have held fundraisers to contribute thousands of dollars to WPP and its efforts in St. Vincent.

“TSOM’s vision is to educate physicians to meet the healthcare needs of the communities they serve, and that makes World Pediatric Project a natural partner when giving back to the St. Vincent community that we call home,” said TSOM president Steve Wilson. “We’re excited to be able to provide more opportunities not just for our students to have hands-on experience in caring for patients, but to also meet the critical needs of St. Vincent’s children.”

“We’ve been able to send teams to St. Vincent since 2001 thanks to local partners who we know are invested in the lives and healing of the children we reach,” said WPP CEO Susan Rickman. “Trinity School of Medicine’s investment will mean a lifetime of healing for the children of St. Vincent, and for the patients, Trinity’s students will serve in the future.”

Under the partnership, Trinity School of Medicine will fund a surgical team mission to St. Vincent each year over the next four years. These teams conduct week-long missions providing diagnostic and surgical care for an average of 45 to 60 children during each mission.


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