Why Canadian Students Travel South for Medical School

St. Vincent

The beginning of medical school is the start of a new adventure for students across the globe.  In Canada an astonishing 81% of med school applicants – many of whom would make phenomenal physicians- found themselves rejected at home. So, a large percentage of those Canadian applicants without a seat look abroad—most of them to the Caribbean.

There are many reasons to attend medical school in the Caribbean. Below are just five of the top reasons that Canadians should consider going south for medical school:

Practice in Canada

When students consider attending medical school in another country, the first question they have is often, “Will I be able to practice medicine back home when I graduate?” When it comes to Trinity School of Medicine, the answer is “Yes!”

Trinity School of Medicine earns Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) accreditation. Furthermore, the curriculum is based on Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) standards and earns recognition from the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).

Best of all, Trinity meets all standards put forth by the Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) 2023 rule that puts additional restrictions on foreign medical school graduates. With all of these credentials, Trinity prepares graduates for residencies in the United States or Canada.

Small Class Sizes

In the largest Canadian universities, students can feel like they get lost in the shuffle. With large class sizes, it can be difficult to get the personalized education they need to become great doctors. Caribbean universities offer smaller class sizes that allow students to excel.

At Trinity, learners enjoy a student-teacher ratio of just 10:1. This small ratio allows students to get to know the faculty and get one-on-one attention. Our goal is to offer personalized learning to help each individual student succeed.

Breaks at the Beach

No matter where students attend medical school, stressful times are bound to come. With exams, papers, classes, and clinical rotations, medical students have a lot on their minds. However, learners who go to Caribbean schools can recharge their minds on beautiful shores.

Hitting the beach is not only a fun way to take a break from school, but it also has real benefits for a student’s health. Studies have shown that being at the beach regularly can:

When medical students get stressed out, they need a mental break. When they attend school in the Caribbean, these breaks can happen in serene areas that are proven to help. The average temperature in St. Vincent is 87 º years round and averages about 12 hours of daylight each day.

Gain Global Health Experience While in School

While the beach is a big part of Caribbean life, it’s not the only activity that students enjoy. Learners can get involved in the many student organizations, explore the outdoors, or play sports to unwind after a long day in class.

Trinity students have a truly unique opportunity to participate in the pediatric care mission of a remarkable organization, the World Pediatric Project (WPP). WPP serves at-risk children throughout the Caribbean region through its teams of volunteer physicians, with a world-class operating facility in St. Vincent for specialty surgeries. Trinity students serve supporting roles in surgical cases and participate in care discussions with surgical teams.

At Trinity students are not just selected for their grades, but for their passion, drive, and humanitarian spirit. Simply put, we’ve found that these qualities lead to the medical student journey and make excellent future physicians. As a result, Trinity’s student activity groups tend to be more than networking opportunities and social hubs, but also philanthropic outlets where groups take part in service projects as their studies permit.

During school breaks, some students explore nearby islands for exciting vacations. Others give back to the community through charity missions. There’s always something exciting to do in the Caribbean. Get a feel for what life on campus is like with a virtual tour. Traveling to and around the islands is simple. Canadians can fly non-stop directly to St. Vincent and the Grenadines from Toronto.

An Affordable International Education

Before medical students get started on their careers as doctors, many want the chance to make memories on an adventure. However, such exploring is not always financially feasible. Especially when factoring in the cost of medical school. Going to medical school in the Caribbean allows learners to have their exciting experience while getting their education.

Students who attend Trinity can use scholarships, grants, and loans to help finance their education. The Canadian federal and provincial governments recognize Trinity and allow learners to use student loan programs at the school. Learners may also be eligible for financial aid scholarships and grants through the school.

In comparison with other international medical school options, Trinity is competitive in terms of affordability. In addition to being affordable, we at Trinity always say “Study here. Practice anywhere”. We know making the decision to come to a Caribbean Medical school is challenging, so we make it our priority to help you succeed and find placement back in Canada, the United States, or wherever you seek to practice. Read more about our accreditation here and find more about our alumni success stories on our YouTube Channel.

Canadian medical students who want an excellent education and a thrilling college experience should consider studying medicine in the Caribbean. Contact Trinity School of Medicine today to learn more.

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