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Trinity is recognized by the government of Canada as a Designated Educational Institution, meaning students can obtain Canadian Student Loans (federal and provincial) to cover the cost of tuition. As a Canadian student, your MCAT score may qualify you for scholarships. In comparison with other international medical school options, Trinity is more than competitive in terms of affordability. We know making the decision to come to a Caribbean medical school is challenging, so we make it our priority to help you succeed.


Practice in Canada 

When students consider attending medical school in another country, the first question they have is often “Will I be able to practice medicine back home when I graduate?” At Trinity School of Medicine, the answer is “Yes!”

Trinity’s accreditation with CAAM-HP, the leading accrediting authority for Caribbean medical schools, qualifies our graduates to enter the U.S. and Canadian residency match processes and to become licensed to practice in any U.S. state or Canadian province. Furthermore, the curriculum is based on Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) standards and earns recognition from the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). Best of all, Trinity meets all standards put forth by the Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) 2024 Rule that puts additional restrictions on foreign medical school graduates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Canadian students can be eligible for residency and licensing in their home country after graduation from a Caribbean med school. The most important consideration here is whether or not the medical school is accredited by the appropriate governing body and adheres to international standards.


At Trinity, we are accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), the leading accrediting authority for Caribbean medical schools, which qualifies our graduates to enter residency and become licensed to practice medicine in any Canadian province.


Upon graduating, our students are eligible to take both the MCCQE (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exams) and USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) and apply to residency programs in Canada or the United States.


Additionally, Trinity meets all standards put forth by the Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) 2024 Rule that puts additional restrictions on foreign medical school graduates.

Canada is home to 17 medical schools and, as of 2020, over 10,000 medical school applicants. Much like the United States, Canada has also seen an increased demand for physicians due to shortages in key medical specialties such as family medicine.

However, Canadian medical school applicants may find it difficult to gain admission due to the limited number of available spots in Canada’s medical schools. Canadian schools further complicate the process by reserving matriculant spaces for in-province students, making cross-country admissions even more unlikely. This is where Caribbean medical schools offer a potential solution by providing an opportunity for aspiring physicians to receive their Doctor of Medicine degree and become licensed to practice medicine in North America.

Caribbean medical schools can offer a variety of programs and concentrations tailored to the needs of Canadian applicants. These include basic medical sciences, clinical rotations in North America, public health courses, research opportunities, electives, and more.

When researching Caribbean medical schools, look for accredited institutions that offer a curriculum that is comparable to North American schools. You’ll also want to make sure that your medical school of choice provides early, frequent clinical training opportunities to prepare you for residency and beyond. Canadian students at Trinity are eligible to do “away electives” in Canada to gain direct experience working in Canadian hospitals. This type of clinical training will not only help students as they apply for residencies back home, but also prepare them for working as full-time Canadian physicians following their residencies.

Caribbean medical schools are not all identical. The advantages that Caribbean schools might offer for Canadian applicants will vary based on the quality of the school, its faculty and staff, and the opportunities the school provides.


At Trinity, we offer a variety of unique benefits to Canadian applicants. Our Caribbean medical school offers a more intimate learning environment than many North American schools. In addition, we offer several “away electives” in Canada, allowing you to further your education in your own backyard.

The curriculum of Caribbean medical schools is in many ways similar to those of North American universities. For example, the curriculum at Trinity School of Medicine is modeled on the U.S. medical school educational standards and focuses heavily on early clinical exposure as well as traditional lectures and seminars.

The transfer of credits from a Caribbean medical school to a Canadian medical school depends on the type of program and institution. In general, most universities will accept course credits from accredited Caribbean medical schools as long as they meet their academic standards. Additionally, many institutions offer special transfer programs that allow students to apply credits earned in one school toward a degree at another. It is important to check with your prospective school for details about their transfer policy before enrolling in a Caribbean medical school, particularly if you plan to transfer at some point.

All students planning to enter residency in Canada or the United States should first make sure that their Caribbean medical school of choice is appropriately accredited by the CAAM-HP.


However, the best Caribbean medical school for Canadian students depends on the applicant’s individual needs and goals. There are no official Caribbean medical school rankings, so applicants should conduct their own research, including asking Canadian alumni about their experience during and after med school.

The cost of tuition for Caribbean medical schools is generally lower than for other medical schools across Canada and the world. The exact amount depends on the school and program.

When considering your medical school financial plan, look for Caribbean medical schools that are considered Designated Educational Institutions by the Canadian government. This designation qualifies Canadian citizens to receive federal and provincial student loans to attend medical school, making the cost considerably more affordable for many students.

Scholarships are another crucial component of medical school affordability, both internationally and in North America. Before applying to medical school in the Caribbean, discuss all financial options with your admissions counselor and confirm which scholarships and grants may be available to Canadian applicants.

At Trinity, we offer a number of scholarships and grants to Canadian students to help offset the costs of med school. Providing transparent financial information and resources helps students feel confident in their medical school decision; for more information on Trinity’s tuition and fees, read more here or reach out to an admissions counselor.

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Alumni Spotlights

Dr. Maye Mohamed & Dr. Nada Mohamed

Dr. Maye Mohamed & Dr. Nada Mohamed

According to a recent study in Sweden, being born into a family where one or both parents are physicians greatly increases the likelihood that the children will also become physicians. For doctors and sisters Maye and Nada Mohamed, that certainly rings true. Both Dr. Maye Mohamed and Dr. Nada Mohamed are graduates of Trinity and we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with them to talk about their experiences as students, graduates, and healthcare providers.

Dr. Kyle Humphrey

Dr. Kyle Humphrey

At a recent White Coat Ceremony, Dr. Humphrey gave a testament to how Trinity shaped him into the physician he is today, saying “I was able to achieve my dream career goals through Trinity. I went to a top internal medicine academic institution and one of the top infectious disease programs in the US, especially in tropical medicine research."

Dr. Brielle Cartwright

Dr. Brielle Cartwright

When we asked Dr. Brielle Cartwright what inspired her to go into medicine, she said the answer was simple: "Wanting to advocate for mental health patients who cannot advocate for themselves." Now, as a Psychiatrist, she works hard to help her patients maintain their mental and emotional stability and provide an underserved population with the care they deserve.

Dr. Anitesh Jaswal

Dr. Anitesh Jaswal

This Alumni Spotlight features Dr. Anitesh Jaswal. Of his career in medicine, Dr. Jaswal says, "“I am excited to start my professional journey and can’t thank everyone enough for the help over the years to get to today. I’m eager to do some good in another community with a fantastic program and become a better physician for the patients I’ll be honored to call mine.

Dr. Meghan Pillai

Dr. Meghan Pillai

This edition of our alumni spotlight shines a bright light on Dr. Meghan Pillai. Hailing from the eastern end of Long Island (the North Fork), Pillai has spent plenty of time in the northeast. She attended Boston University, earning a B.S. in Business Management. With a knack for numbers, Meghan wasn't done adding to her higher-level education. She went on to Harvard University, earning a master's in Business Administration. Pillai's innate drive to know more, coupled with her desire to help others, eventually led her to pursue a medical career. Attending both undergraduate and graduate school in the northeast, attending a Caribbean medical offered more than just a beautiful backdrop to study medicine. Dr. Pillai is now in her 3rd year of residency, close to home, in New Jersey.

Dr. Allison Laffoon

Dr. Allison Laffoon

In this edition of our alumni spotlight, we are proud to showcase Dr. Allison Laffoon. Dr. Laffoon's desire for medicine was sparked when her younger brother was diagnosed with severe autism when he was just 5-years-old. She recalls the countless doctors' appointments, tests, and other factors that eventually led to her brother's diagnosis. Her interest in medicine stems from these experiences as a young child. Laffoon attended the University of Iowa and received her MD from Trinity in 2018. She is now a general surgery resident at the University of Texas Health - San Antonio.

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