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What Makes Trinity School of Medicine Different?

With so many choices of Caribbean medical schools, we know that choosing the right school for you can feel daunting. Trinity School of Medicine offers many benefits that other schools simply can’t match. We asked our current students what their deciding factors were that led them to choose to attend Trinity. This is what they had to say:

  • Small Class Sizes – Trinity offers the support students need with easy access to professors (who know your name) and a strong community with fellow students.
  • Early Clinical Experience – We integrate clinical sciences throughout the five terms of the basic sciences, utilizing our relationship with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and its clinics in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Scheduled Clinical Rotations – All of our core rotations are scheduled for you in one location with a low preceptor-to-student ratio for a hands-on learning experience. Away electives are available. 
  • Step 1 Success – We guide students through an expertly-curated and highly-focused study plan in addition to providing dedicated facilities for study and exam prep.
  • Residency Prep – Trinity’s on-site clinical clerkship deans work directly with students to help them choose the right program, prepare for interviews, develop personal statements, and perfect CVs. This level of personal support is something you won’t find at other institutions. Trinity graduates have a 95% residency placement rate.

Those are just a few of the qualities that set Trinity apart from other Caribbean medical schools. See our Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Medical Schools to learn more about what makes Trinity different!

“Trinity is a medical school that is different from the rest. We produce physicians that are inquisitive, smart, compassionate, well-intentioned, humble, and caring. Your degree from Trinity will allow you to triumph in any facility in the world.”

The Trinity Difference

Accredited Medical University

Trinity’s accreditation by CAAM-HP, the primary accrediting authority for Caribbean medical schools, enables our graduates to participate in the residency match processes in the United States and Canada, as well as apply for residencies and licensure in both countries. Trinity graduates also practice in a number of foreign countries.  We are proud to have alumni throughout the country living their dream of practicing medicine in their hometown communities. 

Dedicated Leadership & Faculty

The faculty at Trinity School of Medicine are highly-qualified credentialed educators who are passionate about teaching. They demonstrate a true commitment to the success of students, proving that the challenges of medical school are much more manageable when others around you are as invested in your success as you are.


Trinity’s educators keep these core objectives at the forefront of their teaching approach:

  • Integrate clinical sciences throughout the five terms of the basic sciences, utilizing our relationship with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and its clinics on St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Assist students in developing the skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes they need to practice patient-centric medicine.
  • Constantly improve our curriculum so that it responds to and incorporates changes in medical knowledge and practice.
  • Embrace and incorporate the evolving values and principles of the medical profession.

Clinical Affiliations

Trinity understands the critical nature of a strong clinical foundation, which is why we begin clinical training in the very first term. This hands-on advantage is largely possible because of Trinity’s long-term partnership with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, a 230-bed teaching hospital in St. Vincent. 


Trinity’s U.S. clerkship facilities are located in Warner Robins, Georgia,  an expanding hub of medical education centered around Houston Healthcare (HHC). HHC started as a single community hospital in Warner Robins and is now an integrated healthcare system consisting of seven separate entities, serving 300,000 people annually. Trinity has an extended affiliation with Houston Healthcare, in turn providing our students with the highest quality clerkship experience possible.

Excellence in Medical Education

Why Trinity? History of Success

Trinity is the one medical school that holds your success as its core mission. The founders of Trinity set out to build a top-quality medical school recognized for excellence among all medical schools. We achieve that excellence through the personal investment we make in each student who enters our school, starting from the admissions process and continuing through their academic and clinical studies, residencies, and medical practice. Trinity’s success is built on a strong foundation of student focus and support. Students are provided opportunities to grow and excel and, with faculty and peer support, they achieve successful outcomes. In the most important measurement of success, our graduates have a 95% residency placement rate.


Residency Placement Results


DEI Commitment Statement

TMSU is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse staff, TMSU will honor your experiences, perspectives and unique identity. Together, our community strives to create and maintain working and learning environments that are inclusive, equitable and welcoming.

Department diversity commitment statements

In addition to the TMSU’s institutional diversity commitment statement, hiring managers can work with their recruiter or employment specialist to add diversity statements specific to their department, Here are some examples:

Each member of the department/school is committed to working to build and sustain and equitable and inclusive work environment where cultural diversity is celebrated and valued. We believe diversity benefits and enriches the development of all of our students, staff, and faculty in our department.

Diversity is a core value of TMSU. We believe the power of diversity enriches all of us by exposing us to a range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, design and deliver solutions.

Diversity is a core value at TMSU. We are passionate about building and sustaining an inclusive and equitable working and learning environment for all students, staff, and faculty. We believe every member on our team enriches our diversity by exposing us to a broad range of ways to understand and engage with the world, identify challenges, and to discover, design and deliver solutions.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We are driven by a passion to deliver the best education and student experience that any Caribbean medical school has to offer. Trinity achieves that excellence through the personal investment we make in each student who enters our school, starting from the admissions process and continuing through their academic and clinical studies, residencies, and medical practice. U.S. and Canadian residency directors recognize the quality of Trinity graduates, who continue to secure top-choice residencies in the national annual match programs.

Global Healthcare Experience

Trinity students have a truly unique opportunity to participate in the pediatric care mission of the World Pediatrics organization. World Pediatrics serves at-risk children throughout the Caribbean region through its teams of volunteer physicians and a world-class operating facility in St. Vincent for specialty surgeries. Trinity students may volunteer to serve supporting roles in surgical cases and participate in care discussions with surgical teams.

In addition to World Pediatrics, Trinity students have many other opportunities to serve and learn within the medical community. The Rotary Village Doctor program allows the people of St. Vincent the opportunity to be seen by a number of volunteer specialists on a single day, in a single location. Trinity students triage over 100 patients a day at these scheduled events. Early patient interaction and exposure to clinical situations provide a great benefit to Trinity students and also allow the student the opportunity to give back to the community of St. Vincent. 

High Yield Opportunities

When students transition to their clinical clerkships in the United States, they have the opportunity to serve in the MAG/Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), the nation’s first medical society-sponsored statewide volunteer organization. The MAG/MRC works in partnership with the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) to train students to become certified in disaster response, including natural disasters and disease outbreaks. 


Participating in these unique opportunities provides not only a sense of personal fulfillment – it also strengthens students’ applications to residency by spotlighting qualities of compassion, humanity, and desire to be a force for good.

Want to see how you stack up? Get a pre-app evaluation to know where you stand.

Student Life

At Trinity, we well understand the pressure students face to meet the heavy demands of medical school. That’s why we work hard to reduce stress in their lives outside the classroom or hospital, starting from the first day on campus, continuing through clerkships, and into residency match.

Upon landing in St. Vincent, students are greeted by members of our welcoming committee and are transported to their furnished, fully-equipped and air-conditioned student housing. All Trinity-sponsored housing properties are conveniently located near campus and have 24-hour security, housekeeping, and high-speed internet. Shuttle vans provide transportation service between the campus, student housing, the teaching hospital, and the downtown market center.


Although the majority of students’ time is focused on their studies, St. Vincent provides a beautiful, tropical background with ecotourism opportunities, beautiful beaches, and wonderfully welcoming people. There are many opportunities to explore the island, participate in group activities, and relax between exams. This tropical island has all the recreation and leisure activities that you would expect from a Caribbean vacation destination, including hiking, sailing and scuba excursions. The Trinity campus also boasts volleyball, basketball, and gym facilities on campus.

Ready to be a doctor?

Invest in Your Future

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Trinity School of Medicine offers a diverse portfolio of grants and scholarships, including include merit awards for high academic performance, community service grants, military service, and previous healthcare experience. Trinity proudly recognizes incoming students’ achievements, whether of academic excellence, the ability to balance school work with community service, or a commitment to serving their country.


In addition to our valuable scholarship and grant opportunities, Trinity also provides financing options through Sallie Mae. The Sallie Mae Medical School Loan® is an excellent way to finance your medical education.


Other Caribbean medical schools would have you believe that federal student aid (FAFSA) is the best option for any student. This is simply not the case. While FAFSA may be easier on the institution’s part to process, the truth of the matter is Sallie Mae is the most cost-effective option for the student. That’s who we care about. 


Through the extended grace period and zero origination fees, Sallie Mae saves borrowers $16,000 at the start of repayment, compared to the federal option.


For Canadian students, Trinity is fully recognized by the federal and provincial governments of Canada for their respective student loan programs. Canadian applicants can learn more about financing options here

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