Pre-Med Program Tuition and Fees

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Pre-Medical Tuition

Pre-Medical Terms: Terms I-lV

$4,000 per term

Basic Science Tuition: Terms I-V

$15,200 per term

Clinical Medicine Tuition: Terms VI-X

$16,900 per term


Application Fee

$50 non-refundable

Commitment Deposit

$500 non-refundable

Student Activity Fee

$50 per term through MD program

Records Administration Fee

$325 per term through MD program

SVG Domestic Kit Fee

$450 one time fee

Student Health Insurance Fee

$1010 Final term of PM and Terms l-X MD Program  (estimated cost)

Doctor of Medicine Program Fees

MD Program Equipment and Supply Fee

$100 terms I-IV

Malpractice Insurance Fee

$233 terms VI-X

Shelf Exam (NBME) Fee

$150 terms I-X

USMLE Exam Prep Fee

$125 terms I-X

Other Expenses

Clinical Attire and Medical Kits

Students entering the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program will be provided with Trinity-branded garments (2 short white lab coats and 2 sets of navy blue scrubs) and a Physical Diagnosis Kit, which includes a stethoscope. Students will also be provided with new bed linens for their Trinity-managed housing units. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory while students are enrolled at Trinity School of Medicine. Insurance costs are currently $1010 per term per student with optional vision and detal coverage. The plan covers students and their dependents on a worldwide basis. 


Trinity offers clean and comfortable residence halls on campus and near campus. Students are required to live in campus housing during the final term of pre-med and basic science terms (terms 1 through 4). Trinity will consider requests for students to secure alternative housing to accommodate special needs. Trinity maintains a list of off-campus residential quarters that satisfy Trinity housing standards. Costs of Trinity’s on and off-campus residences range from $700 to $950 per month depending on amenities and location. The housing cost includes all utilities including high-speed internet, security, and transportation services.


Food and entertainment is estimated to cost approximately $2000 to $2500 per term.

All monitory amounts mentioned on the site are in U.S. denominated funds.


Trinity School of Medicine reserves the right to change tuition and adjust fees or to establish additional fees/charges whenever in their opinion such action is deemed necessary.


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