Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Kyle Humphrey

White Coat Ceremony

Friday, May 6, 2022 marked the newest class of Trinity School of Medicine students beginning their journey towards becoming physicians. The White Coat Ceremony is an important symbolic event and a rite of passage, welcoming new medical students into the profession of medicine.

The group of students and their families were joined by Trinity graduate and doctor of internal medicine, Dr. Kyle Humphrey. Dr. Humphrey completed his journey with Trinity in 2018 and went onto a residency in internal medicine at the University of South Alabama in Mobile followed by a fellowship in infectious diseases at the University of Texas medical branch in Galveston. When introducing the guest speaker, Trinity Dean and Provost, Dr. Frances Purcell, recalled when she first met Dr. Humphrey, saying “Full of commitment to medicine and commitment to his dreams, he had exactly what it took to become a world class physician.”

Dr. Humphrey gave a testament to how Trinity shaped him into the physician he is today, saying “I was able to achieve my dream career goals through Trinity. I went to a top internal medicine academic institution and one of the top infectious disease programs in the US, especially in tropical medicine research.” He also spent some time encouraging the young group of future physicians, noting that while embarking on this journey is an exciting and monumental occasion, it can be a nerve-wracking as well. But being on the precipice of the path that will lead students to their dream should be met with determination and confidence.

Dr. HumphreyDr. Humphrey told the students “There’s nothing holding you back – you are where you need to be” and urged them to remember that they are working towards an important goal that when achieved will benefit their fellow man.

We recently caught up with Dr. Humphrey to ask him about his Trinity experience and glean any advice that could help someone looking to embark on their own medical school journey.


Why did you choose Trinity and what ultimately helped you make the decision?

Small class size compared to many other Caribbean med schools. Also a model that mimics US Med schools.

What was the transition like from where you moved from, compared to living on the island and studying abroad?

I very much enjoyed that transition. I was able to study hard, but also enjoy my time post examinations. Really the best time of my life.

Do you feel that Trinity prepared you for your board exams?

Yes, very much so, did well on them which was the big reason for my match success.

Was Trinity a good choice for you?

Yes, I was able to achieve all my career goals through Trinity. They not only gave me the shot to achieve these goals, but continued to support them and nurture me throughout med school and beyond.

Dr. Humphrey hikingDo you have any stand-out memories, stories, experiences regarding your time at Trinity?

The multiple trips from St. Vincent to Bequia post exams to celebrate and enjoy the beaches. Also hiking the volcano.

What is the best advice you could share with a prospective Trinity student?

If you are serious about becoming a MD, then take the plunge. It will be hard, stress inducing, tiring, but will also be the most exciting and rewarding experience of your life.

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