CaMSA Makes Large Material Donation to Vincentian Social Workers

Last week, Trinity’s Canadian Medical Student Association (CaMSA) made a large delivery of supplies (clothing, gifts, toiletries, etc.) to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital social work department. The group was, as always, graciously welcomed by a department representative, social worker Kevan Glasgow.

“Old Reliable.” One of Trinity’s fleet vehicles helping CaMSA with its delivery.

Mr. Glasgow briefly spoke on the hospital’s needs, the work CaMSA and similar Trinity groups do, and the area the hospital serves. “When we get these donations, it makes a major impact, especially for our home visits.” Mr. Glasgow explained that the social work department does regular follow-ups on its cases, and part of that will usually include dropping off care packages made up of CaMSA donations. In event of a surplus, the social work department at the hospital is also a major distribution hub for charities around the island, making CaMSA’s recipients a strategic benefit to a wide variety of people.

This delivery was particularly poingant for CaMSA’s president, Sonia Stasyszyn. It took place only one day after her Fifth Term Clinician Ceremony was held on campus and it will be her last delivery leading the group.

When asked about her involvement while packing to leave for her clinical rotations in Baltimore, Maryland, Stasyszyn, was still focused in her role. “I’m going to continue doing what I do on the island.  I’ve already set donations in motion that will come in for Christmas. I’m continuing to help St. Vincent because it will always be a part of me.  I will come back.”

Trinity’s CaMSA has been particularly active under the future Dr. Stasyszyn, as was the case under her predecessor, Athena Tudino (now also in her clinical rotations in Maryland). Sonia interacted regularly with the local community, and has credited the sense of welcome she felt with supporting her in her studies.

Providing supplies of clothing, bedding, toiletries, toys and many other items have been a major part of the group’s work with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital over the past few years. The material, sourced primarily in Canada and shipped to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is pledged to continue through the work of the student group for the foreseeable future.

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