Trinity Med Students & WPP Partner to Treat Local Children

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A group of exceptional students of Trinity School of Medicine recently applied their classroom knowledge and assisted a group of visiting surgeons in the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery
phases of pediatric patients this past June. As a partner school of the World Pediatric
Project, our selected cohort worked alongside an esteemed team of physicians in an East Caribbean double mission that focused on neurosurgery and scoliosis.

Dr. Gary Tye headed the neurosurgery team in June 2019. A highly skilled and trained surgeon from Richmond, VA, Dr. Tye comes with more than 20 years of medical expertise under his belt. All in all, 59 pediatric patients were scheduled and seen by Dr. Tye and his staff; 38 of which were from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Cases our students got the opportunity to work included affected areas of the nervous system, such as the brain and spinal cord, among others. 

The second mission – was led by Dr. Steve Hwang, a new doctor with the
organization but a highly trained specialist with many years’ experience in corrective surgery. Fifty-nine children were also evaluated and provided medical care for their scoliosis; 48 of those patients and their families hailing from right here in Trinity’s community. Eleven surgeries and 5 MRIs were conducted during the mission at the local Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Giving Back with World Pediatric Project

Scoliosis - Clinic Day - Dr.Hwang--48

Trinity School of Medicine and the World Pediatric Project (WPP) have a long-standing
partnership. Their mission of building a brighter future for local, regional, and international
children affords our medical students exceptional training before residency and the opportunity to help and give back to our local community by providing them with state-of-the-art healthcare services.

What the WPP Organization is All About:

Scoliosis - Clinic Day - Dr.Hwang--76The World Pediatric Project is an international medical organization that deploys a team of
specialized physicians and surgeons to the Eastern Caribbean islands for yearly missions. WPP has been coming to St. Vincent and the Grenadines since 2002

Trinity medical students are actively involved throughout the entire clinical process. From
recording vitals to observing surgeries to post-follow ups with the patients, our students are
engaged in the entirety of the mission, asking questions and getting full insight into the
responsibilities of a working medical professional.

Trinity School of Medicine is proud of the work our students do to support the goals of the World Pediatric Project. The organization stands out from the rest because of their coordination of care for the patients even after the mission has been completed. Prior missions that our students have partaken in thus far:
• General Pediatric Surgery
• Urology
• Cardiology
• Neurosurgery
• Orthopedics

Trinity Students Helping Kids, Gaining Real Medical Experience

Scoliosis - Clinic Day - Dr.Hwang--34The students selected to participate and assist the WPP doctors enjoyed gaining real medical
experience before residency. During triage day, our students put their knowledge to use by
determining the order in which patients would be seen and treated by the medical staff based on the severity of their condition. Trinity students were able to talk with the young patients about their day-to-day, learn about their needs, and guide the families throughout the clinical process. 

Being present for the physician-patient consultation, aid the technicians and surgeons within the operating room, and schedule follow up appointments post-surgery or treatment was very rewarding for each student. Valentino Baldeo, a Trinity medical student, called shadowing Dr. Hwang “fulfilling” as the team performed scoliosis corrective surgery to enhance the quality of life for the young patient.

Dr.Gary Tye - 2019 June - Neuro - Portraits - Scenes-3660By working towards a brighter future for patients, Trinity School of Medicine and the World
Pediatric Project can flourish in their partnership to help local kids in the community. Applying learned pathologies to those in medical need within the community is a rewarding experience for our students – something other Caribbean medical schools fail to offer. The students enjoy the success of the missions, the power of bringing healing and comfort to children, as well as the real-life experience gained before their residency starts. It’s a unique learning experience our students are eager to get involved in each year.

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