Trinity School of Medicine Holds Latest 5th Term Ceremony

Medical school student being pinned by faculty during 5th term ceremony

Because of Trinity’s rolling admissions process, every start date, January, May, and September coincides with a 5th term ceremony that sends a coterie of our students away from the St. Vincent campus and off to their clinical rotations in Baltimore, Maryland.

Much like the white coat ceremony and commencement, the 5th term conclusion is marked by a symbolic event signaling to the students and faculty that a phase of their life is concluding as another begins within the larger scope of their training and career. Unlike those events, the focus is much more on student participation and, while no less serious, the event is more informal and celebratory. Read on to join us in sending this group of January starters onto the next phase of their education.

While the 5th term ceremony is similar to other major milestone events in a medical student’s time at Trinity, it is uniquely dominated by student participation, up to and including the speaker selection, with students nominating faculty and one of their own to present alongside Dean Adkison. This term’s speakers were Constantine Barlamas, who noted the importance of perseverance with a typical medical student technique of a mnemonic device highlighting everything from the importance of caffeine to, more sincerely, relying on his peers. Perennial student favorite Dr. Dragan Jovanovic brought his own entertaining presentation complete with audio-visual aids covering the students’ past two years on St. Vincent, including talent show entries and volunteer excursions. Dr. Adkison brought the speeches to a close offering both sincere encouragement and tempered wisdom to the transitioning students. 

After the speeches conclude, there are awards presented to students and faculty alike. This term included:

Top Performer in Basic Sciences (TIE)
Michael Seiferth and Amog Jayarangaiah

Top CBSE Performer 
Amog Jayarangaiah

Community Service Award
Awarded to the entire Society for Medicine and Surgery

White Coat Award
Michael Seiferth

Library Committee Award
Kassandra Matthews

We’d like to take a brief moment to point out that Top CBSE Performer and co-Top Performer in Basic Sciences Among Jayarangaiah is a legacy student at Trinity. Among is the younger brother of Trinity grad Dr. Apoorva Jayarangaiah.

With the conclusion of the awards, Trinity’s 5th term students rose from their seats to receive their school pin and were greeted by faculty as 6th term clinical students on their way to Baltimore. A reception followed as faculty and students said their goodbyes and relived the past five terms together on St. Vincent.

Each class has its own character, and its own approach to Trinity’s unique culture and curriculum. This group was particularly tight-knit, thanks to most of them being a part of Trinity’s, especially the small January start term. Each class sets new standards for the subsequent terms, this group was no exception. 

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