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The 5-6 Year Doctor of Medicine Degree Program​

The 5-6 year combined pre-medical and medical degree program was designed for students in countries outside the U.S. and Canada where higher secondary education (and the Higher Secondary Exam) immediately precede entry to professional degree programs.


Students who have completed a Higher Secondary Certificate in a science stream including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are strong candidates for this program.


The five-term Pre-Medical and ten-term Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree programs, in combination, offer a comprehensive medical education and prepare students for postgraduate education in the U.S.
Students that have few or no college-level credits may require more than 4 terms to complete the program depending upon the curriculum already achieved. The program can also be extended an additional term for students who want or need more time to complete their studies.

Pre-Med Entrance Requirements

When looking for an off-shore medical school, one should only consider schools that are accredited by an internationally recognized body. Accreditation ensures that the medical school has been independently evaluated. This evaluation typically includes a visit to the school as well as an assessment of the quality of the school’s administration, facility and education to confirm that it meets the accreditation body’s standards.

Timeline to your MD

pre-medical Timeline

How is the Combined Program Structured?

Students who have earned college-level credit concurrently during the completion of secondary school or attained credits from undergraduate institutions are encouraged to apply to the Pre-Medical program as these credits will be considered in the admissions process. Most students entering Trinity School of Medicine’s Pre-Medical program directly from secondary school will require a minimum of 5 years and 8 months to attain their MD degree. Students will attend three consecutive terms per year. The year-round format reduces the length of time required compared to other programs. Students may choose to take a term off upon completing the Premedical Program prior to starting the MD program and again in preparation for the Step 1 board exam, with faculty approval. The timeline above shows the entire Pre-Medical MD combination program in consecutive terms.

Is acceptance into the MD or Doctor of Medicine program automatic if I pass my Pre-Medical courses?

Like any other undergraduate program, certain criteria must be met in order to be enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, including a sufficient grade point average in the core sciences. Students who successfully complete all requirements of the Pre-Medical year with a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average with no more than three (3) grades lower than a B will be considered for promotion to Trinity School of Medicine’s Doctor of Medicine degree program. Students with a cumulative GPA 2.50 – 2.99 will be reviewed by the committee on a case by case basis for MD promotion.

Pre-Medical Tuition

Pre-Medical Terms: Terms I-lV

$4,200 per term

Basic Science Tuition: Terms I-V

$16,000 per term

Clinical Medicine Tuition: Terms VI-X

$17,700 per term


Application Fee

$50 non-refundable

Commitment Deposit

$500 non-refundable

Student Activity Fee

$50 per term through MD program

Records Administration Fee

$475 per term through MD program

New Student Fee

$600 – one time fee

Student Health Insurance Fee

$1200 Final term of PM and Terms l-X MD Program  (estimated cost)
Student health insurance includes evacuation to the U.S.

Doctor of Medicine Program Fees

MD Program Equipment and Supply Fee

$150 terms I-IV

Malpractice Insurance Fee

$233 terms VI-X

Shelf Exam (NBME) Fee

$175 terms I-X

USMLE Exam Prep Fee

$150 terms I-X

Closeup of medical school students placing an IV in a patient's arm


Applicants should complete the online application and include their school transcripts for review by the Admissions Committee for the 5-Year combined program.

Students with Non-English transcripts must have their credentials evaluated by World Education Services (WES), an accredited member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

Accepted applicants whose previous academic work is determined to be equivalent to courses in the Pre-Medical curriculum may be granted credit for those courses and exempted from taking courses that cover topics and disciplines the student has mastered.

After acceptance into the program, applicants may petition for course exemption by supplying the syllabus for all courses for which credit is requested.

Enrollment Periods​

Applicants for admission to the 5-year combined program may apply to start in January, May or September of any given year. Each term is approximately 15 weeks in length.

Class Size and Deferred Admissions​

Once a class is filled, applicants seeking admission to that class may be deferred to the next term. For this reason it is recommended that interested persons apply for admission as early as possible.

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