Choosing the Right Pre-Med Major

Pre-Med Major

Students with their sights set on attending medical school often want to know if there is a particular undergraduate major that will increase their chances of admittance. To answer this question, we need to first examine the most common majors of pre-med students. Then you can decide if the most popular choices equate to the right choice for you.

What are the most popular pre-med majors?

Using information from approximately 80,000 pre-med students who applied for a medical school loan, created a typical (and hypothetical) class of 500 med students. Among that sample, the most popular pre-med majors include biology and other biological sciences, which consist of nearly half of the group. The most popular biological science majors to get into med school include biochemistry (36 students), neurobiology (35 students), molecular biology (21 students) and physiology (18 students). The remaining students took non-biological majors, such as:

What are the med school acceptance rates of the most popular majors?

Every year, the AAMC provides information regarding medical school acceptance rates based on undergraduate majors. According to AAMC’s chart, the medical school acceptance rates for pre-med students majoring in social sciences, specialized health sciences and biological sciences are in line with students who decided to major in an elective.

AAMC’s Medical School Acceptance Rates 2021-2022

What are the best majors for med school?

It’s important to keep in mind that the most popular majors for pre-med students may not be the right major for you. Research has suggested that rather than choosing a major based on what they think will look good on applications, students should select a major that, first and foremost, interests them and, second, that will allow them to perform at a high level academically and maintain their highest possible GPA.

Trinity School of Medicine’s Admission Requirements

The prerequisites to matriculate into medical school are very similar, if not identical, from one school to the next.

At Trinity School of Medicine, applicants must have at least 90 undergraduate credit hours, or equivalent, and successfully complete the courses required for admission.

Trinity School of Medicine’s required pre-med courses before applying for acceptance include:

Although physics is not included in the admission requirements for Trinity School of Medicine, potential applicants are encouraged to take a general physics class to learn the basics.

At Trinity School of Medicine, applicants must have completed their prerequisite courses within the last 10 years of the date of their application.

Once a pre-med student completes the courses that Trinity School of Medicine requires, he or she should consider applying. To learn more about the application process or get a pre-app evaluation, please reach out using our Contact Form.

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