Student Spotlight: Gregory Proctor

Gregory Proctor posing by a medic helicopter

At Trinity, we believe that each student has an inspiring story of what drives them to pursue medicine, but for student Gregory Proctor, this is an understatement. A native of Washington D.C., Gregory’s enthusiasm for helping others started when he was only five years old. He had a “Bring Your Father to School Day” event and was curious as to where his father could be. Sitting at the top of the steps of his childhood home, his mother told him that his father, an honorable member of the Marine Corps, had passed away on active duty before Gregory could remember. In response to this tragic realization, Gregory hoped that one day he could become a doctor to save people from fates like his father’s.

His interest in medicine continued into adulthood as he became a firefighter and witnessed the miracle of medicine firsthand when physicians were trying to save a women’s life. The woman was pregnant and had just jumped from her burning apartment on the third floor.

“The emotions I felt when I witnessed the physicians trying to save the mother’s life completely overshadowed the excitement I would feel when protecting someone from a burning building or other hazards. We gave this woman a chance with CPR in the field, but the doctors were working feverishly to restore her long-term health. That resonated with me in a very personal way and solidified my desire to become a physician. I desire to be my best at someone’s worst moment, fighting for their survival as their doctor.”

While pursuing his formal education in 2014, Gregory admitted that there were times where his desire to become a physician was outweighed by his academic performance. At the time, he worked at Presbyterian Hospital’s Emergency Department in Dallas, Texas. His wife had just lost her job and he was struggling to keep up with the demands of school, work, and everyday life. His hardships led to several failed courses, but this did not stop him. Instead, over the next several months, Gregory invested his time and effort into better understanding the rigors of a premedical curriculum all while learning to balance life and academics.

As of today, Gregory has successfully completed his first term at Trinity School of Medicine as a top performer. In addition to actively earning his MD, Gregory assisted the Vincentian community by teaching CPR to local physicians, nurses, firefighters, and even some Trinity admin personnel. Gregory also presented a scientific research project (Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation in Aeromedical Pre-Hospital Car Post-COVID-19) that he had been working on throughout his first term. The judges were so impressed with his work that the abstract is now being published in the Air Medical Journal.

In addition to beginning his second term as a Trinity student, Gregory is working hard to maintain his other responsibilities that come with being a community-driven adult. This includes continuing to support Gisele’s School for Orphans, which provides educational services for over 180 children in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso located in West Africa. He had stumbled upon this school back in September 2018, when he was on his first deployment as a flight medic. Gregory also mentions that he has been keeping up with his Flight Paramedic training at the Survival Flight Air Ambulance Company by participating in Skills Day sessions between semester breaks and monthly computer-based training, all while aiding his crew with the knowledge he obtains from his time at Trinity.

After graduating from Trinity School of Medicine and completing his residency, Gregory hopes to serve the rural and remote areas and/or the veteran population providing emergency medicine and critical care services.

“From the time I raised my right hand to the end of my military service commitment, I was willing to travel anywhere in the world at any time with little to no notice to perform my duty. As a physician, I will once again be prepared to do the same.”

Gregory told us that he loves the Trinity community and has experienced everything Trinity promised him. He says that his introduction to Trinity has been “beyond positive” with the students and the faculty supporting him to accomplish his dream. He also mentions that the “access to teachers is amazing” and that he finds it valuable “having everything you need in one place.”

If you’re interested in learning how Trinity can support your dream of becoming a doctor, we invite you to reach out to our admissions team today.

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